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Forex Trading Robots – Are They Over Hyped?

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on January 7, 2010
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forex robotAre Forex trading robots over hyped? In short the answer is no, but there are some things to take into consideration when looking at Forex trading systems and Forex trading robots. Any system you look at or plan to buy you of course want to make sure it’s been thoroughly back tested and forward tested. Not to mention you also want to make sure it’s sustained itself through both sideways markets and trending markets.

Each robot is based on a set of indicators or parameters and most of the robots are developed in the MetaTrader 4 platform. When conditions are met given the set of parameters a trade is triggered. No trading robot is the same as the next, each has its own set of rules, trading systems and methodologies, therefore some are actually better than others depending on the amount of research and testing that was initially done to valid their success.

You’ve probably seen or have been looking at various trading systems and many do this for various reasons. Either they don’t have the time to sit and trade due to work obligations, or would simply rather let an experienced trader develop a robot and just followed their signals. After all it makes sense doesn’t it? Granted there have been some very successful traders develop automated trading systems, it’s still important to grasp the basics of the Forex market before actually trading a live account. Granted there are some quality Forex robots that do produce consistent results. However, how these robots are used is another story.

Do the major banks use trading systems? Sure they do. Do the major banks use Forex robots? Is this how hedge fund managers and people are secretly making tons of money in the Forex market? The truth is Forex robots are used just as Forex systems are used. They are a tool or meant to guide, verify, or forecast possible trading entries based a set of rules and indicators.

Where people make money with Forex robots is when they apply their own analysis and education to their actual trades. To sit and rely on a Forex robot without even knowing what Forex is is insanity. However, to rely on a Forex robot and to understand why the robot is telling you to buy on the Euro at 1.4328 and to mentally agree with the robot because you understand why the market is moving upwards and you understand money management, then this is a powerful trading system period.

So how do you then know which Forex robot to use in your analysis and which one is going to bring you the most consistent results? To be quite honest you’ll need to test them. Forex robots usually perform very well; it’s the human behind the computer intervening, adjusting stops, over trading, over leveraging, or lacking the discipline to stay in a trade when the markets move against you that usually fail. Forex robots do work and should be used as a tool in your trading success. Be sure to do your due diligence as there are many out there.


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