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The 3 Indubitable Principles of Currency Trading

Posted in Forex Tips by intelligentforex on January 8, 2010

As I look back on my career in the forex market, I really had no clue what I was doing when I first got into it. I had a few ideas, but when the professionals is the market at the time told me that I had to have the right mindset about things, I really didn’t understand what they meant. Well after years and years of successful trading, I have developed exactly what these individuals were trying to clue me in on. I just wish I had the forex tips laid out for me that I am about to share with you.

If you want to learn how to trade forex right, you will have to realize that there are three indubitable principles that are the key to being successful in the forex market. They are mindset, risk management and strategies. Get a grasp on all three of these early on in your career and you will find that you have a much better chance of being successful.

Mindset is the first and probably the most important of the three. Having a mindset that you are only in the trading market to make a lot of money is absolutely the wrong thought process. Of course, we all know that is why you are ultimately in the market, but having the mindset that you are going to be in the market to set up profitable deals rather than a set amount of money is a much better approach. By having this approach, the profits will come naturally and you will not necessarily be obsessed with a specific amount on your deals.

Once your mindset is straight, you need to adapt a good risk management philosophy. You have to set up a range that you are willing to risk on each and every deal that will set the boundaries for your trades. Personally, I like to use a 5% line. If I take a loss at that point, I know I have to get out of the deal and get my money to work somewhere better. Establishing a good risk management philosophy is a large key in protecting you when you make a mistake in a deal.

Finally, your forex strategy is the last of the three keys that you need to have in order as you enter the forex market. One example is forex scalping, where you look to get in and out of a deal quickly and make a quick profit.. The forex strategy that you implore is going to take advantage of the way that you analyze the market and get involved in deals. This is actually a bit of a culmination of your mindset and risk management philosophies. You are going to find that patience will be your biggest asset when developing good forex trading strategies.

Following these three keys will have you way ahead of any new trader jumping into the forex market. Understanding why these are important is just about is necessary as developing good philosophies. Take the time to get your head straight and you will have no problem being successful in the forex trading market.


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