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The Biggest Mistake Novice Traders Make Which Sees Them Get Wiped Out Quickly

Posted in Forex Education by intelligentforex on January 8, 2010

It’s a fact 95% of Forex traders lose money trading and while anyone can learn to trade and make great profits, the novice trader makes a fatal mistake which is enclosed and should be part of any novice traders Forex education…

Forex trading is different in terms of the skills you need to make money in Forex to the skills you need in everyday life. Some explanation will make this clearer.

Let’s look at the fatal mistakes novice traders make.

1. Consulting an Expert Will Bring You Success

Most people who claim to be experts are not. You have seen them, the $100 buck robots and sure fire courses, offering you an income with no effort and guess what? They all fail.

In normal life we are taught to consult an expert, to fix your car or a burst pipe and they can give you a guaranteed result. This is not so in Forex, as your not dealing with certainties and mathematical formulas. In Forex you deal with the odds and your best off to get the right Forex education and do it on your own.

2. Hard Work will Give you a Reward

This is actually good news!

You can learn Forex trading in a few weeks and soon be making big profits but for this you work smart not hard. Avoid the myths, and making huge effort and expecting a result that may work in a 9 – 5 job but not Forex. Simply learn the right way and cut your work load. All you need is a simple system and the mindset to succeed which is covered in the next point.

3. Being Clever is an Advantage

A huge myth you would think the best group of traders had a background in mathematics or something else complex but the most successful group are actually ex poker players! Why?

Because they know that a simple plan, playing the odds is the way to win which leads me onto the next point. Simple systems work best and always have and that a fact, make a system to complicated and it will have too many elements to break.

4. Mindset is More important than Method

Yes it is! – Because you have to apply any method with discipline and even the best Forex trading system, will fail unless you do. Most traders cannot trade through periods of losses and keep them small, all systems have them and you must get through them.

You don’t just get discipline though without effort, it’s based on education and confidence in what you have learned. If you want to win, you need to stay on track through losing periods until you hit a home run.

If you can’t trade your system with discipline you don’t have a system! Trading discipline is the big variable between success and failure.

The Real Way to Make Big Gains and You Can Do It!

Forex trading success is open to all but many try and apply the wrong logic as we have seen and you will lose.

If you want to win all you need to do is get the right Forex education and have the discipline to apply what you have learned. It sounds simple and it is – but most traders simply won’t do it. They don’t get the right education and or they are simply lazy and want to follow others.

If you understand the message of this article, you can win and generate a great second or even life changing income.


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