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Is Forex Swing Trading Easy and Profitable?

Posted in Forex Trading Strategies by intelligentforex on January 10, 2010

Currency trading success can be achieved through a strategy of forex trading, namely: the forex swing trading, which is comparatively easy to learn and simple to implement, as such it is recommended for newbie and novice traders who desire to try their luck through this trade.

Swing trading is a type of forex trade where the trader tries to take advantage of the swing or fluctuation of price of a currency over a period of time. The trader may hold a currency for several days or even weeks depending on the circumstances of the trading market before he actually sells it or exchanges it with some other currency to make his profit. However, like any other trade the forex swing trade must be done with a proper planning which would identify the goal and the process for achieving that goal.

Good strategy points out very clearly the time of entry into the trade and the exit from it. It also indicates all those measures which would help to reduce the risk to the minimum possible so as to reduce and control any possible loss.

In order to decide the timings for entry and exit and to control losses traders usually depend on signals which indicate the various trends of the forex market. They predict the future fluctuations of the currency values. An understanding of these signals is essential in order to achieve success in any forex trade. Some traders vigilantly observe the political, economic and social conditions of the major countries of the world for even a minor change in the above mentioned circumstances of any country greatly affects the value of the currency of that country.

Trading strategies must have strict rules to follow. Signals define the rules of the entry and exit of the trader into and out of the trade.

It is said that forex trade mainly depends on speculation and guess work it is not wise to think that it is a wild guess, for guess work of a successful forex trader is always based on defined rules.

Besides following the set of rules the forex trader must exercise a complete control over his emotions. It is observed that many traders suffer losses because the traders become nervous and panicky in a given situation and they seek exit from the trade at a wrong moment.

Thus, a proper mind set, money management, observance of signals and adherence to rules is necessary to achieve success in forex swing trade.


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