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Get Education From Some Pro Traders Who Made Hundreds of Millions of Dollars!

Posted in Forex Education by intelligentforex on January 24, 2010

If you want to learn Forex, don’t try short cuts and believe all the people trying to sell you get rich quick robots, these all lose money instead, get some great Forex education which is free from so0me traders who have walked the walk rather than simply talk the talk. Let’s look at what you can learn from our group of super traders.

The traders we are referring to were called “the turtles” – these traders had never traded before but were given a system by trading legend Richard Dennis and they used it to make over $200 million dollars in just over 4 years. The system is free online and while not as profitable as it once was ( its over 20 years old), it still will make any trader who follows it correctly big gains but for me, the reason any new trader should look it,is because it has all the elements a good trading system should which include:

– It’s based on trading the reality of price change via breakouts a timeless way to make profits
– It gets in and all holds the really big trends for stellar profits
– It has great money management rules to keep equity intact
– Its easy to understand and have confidence in, making it easy to trade with discipline.

While the system made the “turtle traders” a lot of money, most of them when interviewed commented on how hard it was to follow, due to the amount of losses it had. The number of losses were far more than the number of profitable trades but of course it made huge gains overall, as the profits were so big in comparison to the losing trades it had. All traders hate taking losses and lack discipline and this normally leads to their demise, what the above system shows is that, if you take your losses and keep them small, you can still make huge overall gains.

If you look up the system, you will see one that’s actually made several hundred millions of dollars in real time trading, still works today and has all the elements a good system should have to help you achieve currency trading success so look at this system and learn Forex trading the right way.


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