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Simple Forex Trading Strategy – This Method is Easy to Learn and Makes Huge Profits!

Posted in Forex Trading Strategies by intelligentforex on January 24, 2010

If you are looking for a simple Forex trading strategy which works you will like the one enclosed which is the choice of the professional trader yet, very few new traders use it but don’t let that concern you to much most traders lose money. Let’s look at this powerful Forex trading strategy and show you how and why it works.

The aim of any Forex trading system is to get the odds on your side and trade high odds set ups and our strategy does just that, as it will get you in on all the biggest trends and profits. If you look at any Forex graph, you will see long term trends but do you know, how they all start and continue?

All the biggest bullish market trends, start by breaking out to new chart highs and as the trend evolves, the currency continue to break through to new market highs. Look at any currency pair you like and you will see this is true – so the way to trade with the odds on your side and get in on the best trends, is to trade high odds breakouts.

So why do most traders simply not do this?

The problem most traders have is they don’t understand that Forex markets cannot be predicted but they try and predict in advance where a currency may go and this leads to disaster. They want to get in at the low, so they try and buy into support. The problem with this method is – they are hoping the support level will hold and that is not a great way to make money in Forex! As the old traders saying goes:

“A bottom picker becomes a cotton picker” and these traders all end up wiping themselves out.

The smart trader doesn’t predict, he waits for confirmation via a breakout above resistance; he simply takes the trading signal on the break, as a new high is made and he is then in a trade with the odds on his side; if the breakout is a good one there will be triple digit profits ahead and that’s what all traders want to achieve! So what is the definition of a good breakout?

A good breakout is one, where resistance has been tested and held a few times in the past and held. You should look for a lot of tests and in time frames, that are at least a few weeks or longer apart. The more times the resistance level has been tested and the wider the tests are spaced apart in terms of time, the higher the odds are and of a trend developing in the direction of the break.

Once the level gives way, stops are triggered and fresh buying comes in which sees the currency move, with accelerated momentum away from the breakout point.

This strategy is simple, you can use just look at levels of resistance and add a few momentum indicators, if you wish to help time your trades better and you then have a simple Forex trading strategy which can make you huge gains. All the best strategies are simple and robust and breakout trading, is a very powerful method, anyone can use to seek long term Forex trading success.


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