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6 Vital Tips for Novice Traders

Posted in Forex Education by intelligentforex on February 5, 2010

If you want to make money in currencies you need the right forex education and it’s a fact any trader can learn forex trading and be successful but most fail to make money. This article will give you 6 tips so you can enjoy currency trading success.

Here are your forex tips in no order of importance but there all essential to your trading success.

1. Success Rests On Your Shoulders

No one else can make you rich you have to understand what you are doing to get the confidence to follow your path with discipline. If you don’t understand what you are doing then your discipline will go as soon as you have some losses.

If you cannot follow a forex trading strategy with discipline you have no system.

2. Forex trading is NOT easy

Anyone can learn to trade but the really hard part is the mindset to succeed.

Do not believe anyone who tells you that it is and sells systems saying that you will make money every month or they can predict prices they can’t. There is a huge market for these systems and there mostly junk and come with a worthless simulated track record. As we said success comes from understanding what you are doing and self education is the key that will make you successful.

Forex trading is not easy and wouldn’t expect it to be with the rewards to be had but the good news is – it’s not that hard either.

3. Work Smart Not Hard

Most traders think the harder they work the more money they will make. In many areas of life this is true but not in forex markets! You get paid for being right with your trading signal and that’s it.

Work smart and learn the right knowledge and avoid all the common myths that most traders fall for which include:

– Day trading systems make money.

– You need to predict forex prices to win.

– The more complicated your trading strategy the more likely you are to win.

– Trading news stories is a great way to make money.

None of the above are true – there all myths we have covered even more in our other articles so look them up.

4. Use Forex Technical Analysis

It’s simply the most time efficient and best way to trade.

You can learn it in around two weeks and then spend just 30 minutes a day executing your trading signals – and that’s it. All you need to do is learn to act on the reality of price change and not predict.

5. Keep it Simple!

Simple currency trading systems work better than complicated ones, as they tend to be more robust.

Complicated systems fail in real time trading as they have too many elements to break.

6. Know Your Trading Edge

Your trading edge is something that will give you an advantage that will allow you to make profits when 95% of traders lose. You must understand it and be confident that it will lead you to forex trading success. If you don’t know what it is you don’t have one and its time to continue with your forex education until you do.

As you can see form the above your forex education is all about working smart not hard and getting the right knowledge and mindset to succeed. If you can learn currency trading the right way, a life changing income could be yours.


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