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The Evolution of the Forex Trading Robot

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on March 5, 2010

The so-called Forex trading robot has now been widely known among traders in the Forex market. This is actually a by-product of programming languages that has been advanced and developed over the years. It is a system that has put mechanical and manual terms of trading in to an automated operation. This is never easy. It requires several testing before one can perfect a program designed to assist traders with their Forex trades.

The first Forex trading robot was introduced in 2008. Initially, its performance may not be satisfying until changes and improvements were done to better serve traders. Some few Forex robots were only designed to perform a technique based on currency pair. This technique may not be able to follow all changes that have been happening in the Forex market. And as we all know, changes in Forex market are on a daily basis.

Some experts say that the Forex robot will perform depending on how you set it. So, its performance will depend on your setting. You can then set it on how you want it to work.

So, how can you check if the Forex robot is right for your demands? Simple, make a trial run on at least two or three robots. This way, you can compare how the different robots perform. And then you can make your decision. This is to make you are getting what your money is worth.

Now, after several improvements on the Forex trading robots, there are new ones that have come up in the market with more accuracy and trading tasks programmed. Advanced Forex robots can now receive updates from Forex markets without any interruption. It can also do the updating for the trader. This product is good because it lessen the work that the trader has to do.

With all the changes happening in the Forex market, continuous search for more updated Forex trading robot is on the rise. And for sure, there are those who are looking for ways to provide more tasks to the traders for more profit.


FAP Turbo – Pros and Cons of This Automated Forex Trading Robot

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on March 5, 2010

Since the start of Forex trading in 1977, there have been a numerous amounts of trading robots and all of them are different in several ways. During its first introduction, trading robots are only a guide for traders and help them enhance the results of their trades. If you were to enter Forex trading today, and are planning to use trading programs, well, good for you, because trading robots today are already participating in trades. It has come to a point wherein you will not be able to tell which one is the real trader and which one is the trading program.

However, with its state-of-the-art technology, FAP Turbo is still associated with a couple of disadvantages. This article will show you the different sides of this trading robot, and will let you know whether it is the right tool for you or not.

Advantages of FAP Turbo:

– You do not have to deal with mathematical equations to make a decent amount in Forex trading. If you are using this robot you are probably getting the best results without computing anything.

– You do not have to stay awake for 24 hours a day just to make a profit. This trading robot will handle everything on your behalf. All you have to do is to spend whatever amount the robot provides.

– This trading program shows more than 10 years of track record. It can be located in their official website and unlike other trading robots, FAP Turbo is a very transparent program and you can see its ups and downs.

– The profitability of this trading robot is amazing. In fact, 95% of the traders are saying that in 2009 alone, they were able to receive more than 600% Return of Investment.

Disadvantages of FAP Turbo:

– You are stuck between the trades pre-determined by the developers. You cannot have your own trading style. Although you can set it up to match your style, it will never manifest the style you prefer.

– You will never learn anything from Forex trading if you are using this robot, because you will never have a chance to use your account manually. You can open another account and conduct trades on your own. That is, if you are not contented with the results of this trading robot.

– You need to purchase a separate Forex robot hosting account to allow the robot to participate in trades 24/7. It costs as much as $70 per month, but it is a small amount if you consider all the profits that you will be missing if you are not operating your robot round the clock.

Forex Trading Robot Software

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on March 5, 2010

There are a lot of Forex trading robot software out there claiming to make you money while you sleep.

I have personally tried a few of them but and while some of them do work, it won’t make you millions overnight. Such a thing simply doesn’t exist, but you can definitely start making a much better living from home or even quit your day job.

With Forex trading we can make money very fast but also lose it just as fast. So how do we do it? How can we use Forex trading robot to make money for us?

Well, I have found a way that works for me. When I use the Forex trading robot software, my goal is to make money but not too much, in other words, not to be too greedy. Greed can be the downfall of many people. It is probably the worst emotion we possess and it can ruin us. So how do we go about controlling it?

This is where you come in. The amount of money I am guaranteed to make, may not make you happy. Let’s say I constantly make about 15 pips a day on one contract, equating to about $150 a day. That is $3000 a month which is not bad if you also take into the account the little time that has to be spent on it.

I would say that trading the Forex market using these Forex trading robot software can be a big help, especially if you are a newbie and don’t know a lot about forex trading yet. Another thing that makes this Forex trading robot software even more appealing is the fact that you can try it free for 8 weeks and if you find it didn’t make you any money you can simply refund it. You also don’t need to open a real account as you can first get into the whole thing and see how much profit you turn by using the demo account.

So go for it, there is no reason why you should wait and you basically have nothing to lose. I think you would actually be totally missing out if you aren’t taking this opportunity.

FAP Turbo – Really an Effective Trading Robot For the Forex Market

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on March 5, 2010

Forex trading business provides you a very fruitful opportunity because through it you can make a lot of income. Although there is a lot of potential for earning money through forex trading yet the risk involved here is also very high. If you want to make your career in forex trading, you should have proper knowledge and experience regarding that. It is essential in order to achieve a successful career in forex trading.

Many traders say that Forex trading is actually the most satisfying money making forex robot available in the market. It is considered as very reliable trading software. I suggest that before purchasing any product you should explore the facts about that through your own efforts.

If you want to take the opinion of those people who are its actual users then the best place for accessing them is the Forex trading forum. It is actually a platform for many traders and professionals who are in fact sharing their opinions, and advices on the forum. Being an active member of this forum, you would be able to get all the information easily. FAP Turbo is just like a trading assistant. Through that forum, you can ask the trader about his personal experiences related to FAP Turbo.

It is available at very economical price that is $96. Its installation process is very much easy. You just need to download the software that will be downloaded within 15 minutes. After that, follow the installation steps and just after that it would be ready for start trading. You can use the default settings that are preferable for really new traders. Moreover, you can also adjust the settings according to your requirements.

When you purchase this software, you will also receive a set of instructional videos that will facilitate the process of trading for investors. With the help of FAP Turbo, even new comers can make large profits through Forex trading. In order to check the FAP Turbo, the best way is to download its trial demo account. Moreover, with the purchase of this robot you will be able to get a money back guarantee of 60 days.

The 4 Week Rule A Free Robot That Works!

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on February 5, 2010

Many forex traders want to use forex trading robots and buy them off the net but there is a free one we are going to look at here which, makes big profits and will beat most of the sold ones and it won’t cost you a cent.

The 4 Week Rule was originally devised to trade commodities by the Richard Donchian who is considered the grandfather of modern trend following. This forex trading robot is simplicity itself just one rule:

Cover any short positions and go long when a price exceeds the highs of the previous 4 calendar weeks. Cover any long positions and go short when a price falls below the lows of the previous 4 calendar weeks.

How simple is that?

Very, but don’t think because its simple it doesn’t work – run it across any currency and look at a forex chart and you will see it does.

It’s really a simple breakout system and will get you on the side of every major trend.

There is a downside though – if the market doesn’t trend, it can get whipped in and out in these situations however, you can combat this by adjusting the exit rule.

A very simple way to cut drawdown is to exit on a shorter time scale – say a 1 or 2 week low or high and you can also consider exiting with a moving average.

Long term, this system works and will continue to work, as currencies always trend and are unlikely to stop trending.

Most traders though won’t consider using this system for the following reasons:

– Its to simple – traders seem anti simplicity even though it works!

– There are not many trading signals, so it doesn’t suit the action man trader.

– Its not trendy – it doesn’t quite have the ring about it, of a system based on expert or artificial intelligence technology.

– It’s not fussy about pinpoint timing. Most traders are obsessed with trying to predict market price (even though you cant) while this one simply reacts.

It makes money and that’s the real test of any forex robot. Some of the top traders in the world have used it, such as Richard Dennis so, if it’s good enough for him, it’s certainly good enough for you and me.

If you use the 4 Week Rule and follow it with discipline, you can add an extra dimension to your forex trading strategy. If you are thinking of buying a robot then this one is more than likely to beat it and it’s free.

Most of the forex trading robots sold online come with simulated, made up track records all done in hindsight only and no real trading; the 4 Week rule however comes with a pedigree.

So there you have it, a free forex robot that actually works and you can use to make forex profits. As the song goes “the best things in life are free” and in terms of forex robots the song is very apt.

How a Beginner Should Trade With Forex Trading Robot?

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on February 5, 2010

Initially Forex market was considered as a business place only for banks and multinational companies, but with the passage of time individual traders started participating in this money market and now a large number of individual traders are earning goof profits. You can start trading with very little amount and have a fair chance of winning a good amount of capital. This quick money making is attracting many traders towards Forex trading, but as it’s a difficult job, many traders opt for Forex robots.

Forex market is a currency trading market, unlike other markets this market is open 24 hours a day. Risk is the biggest factor involved in Forex trading. If you are not ready to take risk, you might not be able to win good profit. Many new traders are using Forex robots. Forex robots are basically Forex Software, which are specifically designed for currency trading. These software have in-built set of rules which enable the robot to enter and exit a trade automatically. Every trading robot has its own technique and trading style. There are few basic settings which trader can adjust according to his needs and software will work accordingly.

One of such Forex trading software is Forex Megadroid. Like many other Forex software it is 100 % automated robot, which can work 24 hours a day. It is reliable as after adjusting the settings you can leave it alone and it will keep working as an efficient assistant. Its winning percentage is more than 95 % which shows the accuracy of prediction. It is very easy to install and understandable for the traders, it can start trading immediately after installation.

Forex trading robots can help traders especially the beginners as good robots can also act like expert advisors and can guide the trader in making fruitful deals. New traders can learn the market complexities with the passage of time but in the beginning a good trading robot can help to learn about the Forex trading. Important thing is to choose the right automaton and then use it with correct settings.

Characteristics of a Good Trading Robot

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on January 24, 2010

Selecting the right tools is not only essential in the world of Forex trade, but also ensures long-term profitability. Trading robots have these days flooded the market with more confiscated technologies, therefore choosing the right Forex robot to trade with might prove hectic. Numerous manufacturers are now coming up with trading tools that claim to have more advantages over others. However these facts might not all be true. When selecting the right tool to trade, you need to establish the following characteristics:

• Make sure the manufacturer of the said Forex robot has a legitimate site where you can have a chat with any representative regarding the product

• Consider if the website selling the product has easy tutorials in video form or written guides, educating you on how to use the product

• Take an expedition at the manufacturer’s site on page reviews; search if there are any satisfied users or people using the same product and have positive feedback regarding the robotic trade tool

• Ensure that the software has an after-sale service-any support after purchasing the product; something like free brokerage service if you happen to encounter problems during live trade

• Trading Robots that offer free trials stand the test of their legitimacy. However, it’s not likely that all trading robots offering free trials always keep their promise after you purchase the trading robot. You are therefore advised to discuss this facility with the representatives on the site, normally by phone or live chat

• Confirm the company’s profile analyzes statistics on who are the personalities behind the product and how long they have been in the business of currency trading

• Understand the tutorial given: if the trading software is user-friendly, and how long downloads take; compare each product more carefully to help you get the best Forex tool in trading

• Check which trading software has the most advanced technologies-look for any abilities to trade faster and more efficiently

• Under the page reviews, consider revising on which trading software has quite a huge following over the other. The more people using the product, the more it is likely to be efficient in trading

Once you consider all these characteristics, you should be in a position to select the best trading software. Either way, it is highly advised that if you are inexperienced you ought to consult a broker or an experienced person to guide you through these trading robots for better results.

Everything You Need to Know and Learn to Make Money in the Forex Market

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on January 10, 2010

Foreign exchange is nothing but a game of strategies. No one is ever capable of predicting the gains or loss that can happen at the end of the day. Forex Robots happen to reduce the risk and initiate long term profit mechanisms.

Te forex trading involves knowing and applying of the right strategies at the right time. There is hardly any situation to shed tear after investing money in the forex market and then experiencing a huge loss. The people who try to figure out ways to reduce risk or do not possess proper knowledge in the trading systems opt for the forex software robots which are projected to offer life time income without any practical effort.

The forex trading robots enable one to take aid from the best strategic traders who sit online to figure out the profit mechanisms on behalf of the investor. The investor with the help of such software can place his respective deals and expect a life time return.

Though the robots guarantee to provide profits it is practically not possible to gain out of no effort or pains experienced in the trading market. The forex robots focus more in the profit making and eventually neglect the money management. So a person possessing a blind trust and faith on the robot gurus does not possibly make out profit at the end of the day.

Rather there are high chances to suffer extreme losses paying off the huge claims of these robots. It is hence necessary to think and decide one’s own strategy and then use the robots to penetrate and fetch out the maximum profit out of the forex market system.

Forex Megadroid – Can We Trust Forex Trading Robots?

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on January 10, 2010

Forex robots are attracting a large number of traders as they are easy to use and efficient. If you want a Forex robot for your business a variety of robots are available in the market. Every product promises efficiency but it is very difficult to decide which one worth your money and which is just a scam. Forex robots offer good qualities which prove them the ultimate machines for Forex market, but is it really so? Should we trust these robots?

Yes, it is true that market is filled with scams they assure to make money for the users but don’t have the qualities which are promised and user end up in nothing but lose. But many true automatons are also there like Forex megadroid, which are not only 100 % automated but have impressive winning percentage as well. If you want to buy a Forex automaton check its back test and live trading results. Product website presents such data. You can trust Forex robot which is 100 % automated. Every robot offers unique features, you have to find the right one, which matches with your needs and fulfills your requirements. For example, a new Artificial Intelligence technology has been introduced in Forex Megadroid, which enables it to think like human. It can foresee the future market trends for next 2 to 4 hours, which helps in making right decision. It does not mean that Forex robot win every trade it makes, but the chances of win or more.

Good robots act like efficient assistants, you can leave them running in your office and they will keep working for you for 24 hours a day. Moreover, demo account facility is available in majority of Forex robots, this features helps in understanding the functioning of robot and saves your money as well, i.e. if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back with in 60 days of purchase.

In short, we can trust Forex software but the key is to find the right one. For that purpose, search the market, ask other traders, read reviews of different products and then get the robot of your choice from authorize dealer.

Finding the Right System

Posted in Forex Trading Robots by intelligentforex on January 10, 2010

It’s important to find the right Forex trading robot when looking into automated Forex systems. With so many out there today, it can sometimes be a daunting task to separate the quality systems and the not so quality systems. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a trading system that you can rely on and one that will be able to sustain long term results.

Every page you visit whether it be looking for Forex signals, automated trading programs will have some type of sales letter. Yes, you guessed it, if you want a quality trading system you will have to pay for it and you usually get what you pay for. One of the best parts about this is that most of them come with a money back guarantee, so essentially you’re at almost no risk if you plan on testing one of these trading systems. Why must you pay for a trading system? It’s very simple; the trader who developed it has put in their time, their research and has in most cases had to hire a programmer to put together the entire system.

So if traders have developed a winning system why are they selling it? To be honest most trading systems require loads of up keep in terms of system upgrades, adjustments, management of customer service and tweaks to the software. A lot of traders like to diversity there business model, not only trading for themselves to yield a profit but also to sell their education, knowledge and self created systems, therefore having two separate business models.

If you’ve ever been to a Forex seminar, you will completely understand where I am coming from. These guys do make great money trading and they do enjoy helping new traders by creating their own systems, seminars and signal services to provide to you.

The problem with going to Forex seminars is that they are very costly and can sometimes cost thousands of dollars to attend. You can get the same information and the same trading systems for literally just a few hundred dollars elsewhere in the form of a trading robot.

I’ve seen trading systems ranging from a hundred dollars to thousands and from my personal experience a trading system for a few hundred is just as good as one for a few thousand. What you really want to look for are back tested and forward tested results. There are plenty of great Forex robots out there, just be sure to do your own research when selecting one.

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